Community Balanced Life is a non-profit with a mission to provide classes, programs, and services that will educate, motivate, and inspire all members of the community to live a more balanced, healthy, and active life. We realize the journey to health is not always about the end goal, it’s about the steps you take each day to get there. At Community Balanced Life we will help you break down those steps, provide affordable programs and build a community to support you on this path with one change, one step, one breath, one movement at a time. 


Free Intro To Meditation Class

Wednesday, August 1st 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Come check out Community Balanced Life with this NEW Intro Deal for NEW MEMBERS. Come as much as you want for 30 days for only $30. This pass gives you a chance to try different yoga and/or fitness classes, different teachers and different styles. Valid for new members only!

Another Eat Clean for 14 (Days) will launch in August date to be announced!

The Eat Clean for 14 is a 2 week program that will help jumpstart your body to get back on track, gently cleanse it from toxic build up and help you get ready for summer. This will be lead by Nicole Carriere, Certified Health Coach and provide you with 14 days of guidance, shopping lists, preparation tips and more! This is her most popular program!
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