Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga sessions provide allow students of all levels to get one-on-one attention to address specific goals and areas of individual interest. These sessions can help you improve your alignment, deepen your practice as well as address injuries or ailments particular to your health.  

The following teachers are offering private sessions at this time.  To schedule a session contact one of our certified teachers and they will work with you to schedule a session. If you need help pairing you with a particular teacher feel free to email us. 

Contact Justein @ or (385) 445-8697

Justein Wilson is a certified yoga instructor and received additional training in hands on adjusting by Syl Carson at the Bodhi Yoga Studio in Utah.  In a session of Restorative Partner Yoga, Justein will assist in moving your body through a series of passive yoga poses while you lay and sit. Justein will work Marma points and run Sen lines from your feet to the crown of your head bringing all your Chakras into balance! In this session you will experience a release of stress, and  tension.

If your getting married, preparing for the Holidays, or just need more relaxation in your life you will appreciate this one hour session. Effects of this session very from person to person but for some it lasts up to 10 days!

Book a Session with Justein for $60 for a one hour session.