Beyond our regularly scheduled classes Community Balanced life thrives to provide avariety of featured workshops or class series allowing members to dive deeper into topics related to health, wellness, yoga, meditation and more.

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Upcoming Events

FREE Intro to Meditation

Join Ilene Venizelos for this Free Intro to Meditation Class.

In this class you will be doing some silent/guided meditation sessions along with contemplations to help you guide you toward a meditation practice. No prior meditation experience is necessary.

What & Why Meditation? 
Meditation is a process of exploring the heart and mind through awareness in the present moment. It enhances clarity, concentration, relaxation and positive mind states while alleviating stress, anxiety, depression and other medical conditions. This is done by recognizing our true nature; that we are already whole & complete just as we are. Mediation assists in the process of getting to know ourselves and realizing what creates our happiness and what leads to our suffering.


Do you want to find hidden energy?
Detoxify the body?
Unleash your body’s full potential?
And maybe even lose some pounds?

Nicole Carriere, Certified Health Coach will be leading an Eat Clean for 14 Day program that will help you phase out foods that do not serve you and bring in foods that will.

**Participate in person or virtually!

No starving! No drinking only juice for 14 days! No crazy supplements! No complicated recipes!

This is about eating real, whole food to heal the body and jumpstart your health.

Your Program Includes:
• A 1 Hour Kick Start Workshop – at the studio or join online
• A 1 Hour Wrap Up Session via phone
• A Jumpstart Package including your shopping list, eating plan, recipes and preparation tips.
• An online forum to post questions, share your thoughts and experiences with others also participating in the Eat Clean Plan! A great way to instantly have a support group to keep you on track and motivated.

Cost: Only $30

Virtual: TBD

The Kickoff Event will talk about:

  • Benefits of eating clean
  • Program overview and do’s and don’ts
  • Preparation tips and tools
  • Whole foods, sugar and other focus points for the 14 days


Restorative Yoga w/Sonya

Restorative Yoga is a very gentle, soothing practice designed to calm the nervous system and restore the body and mind to a rested, relaxed state. Blankets, bolsters, and blocks are used to safely support the body in the poses.

Upcoming Dates:
Date: TBD

Drop In: $12 or use your current monthly pass or class pass